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Want Full Control Over Your CBD Vapes? Make It Yourself

CBD or cannabidiol based vape liquids have been taking over the vaping community these days. A lot of non-vapers are also consuming these products nowadays due to the medicinal benefits they provide. These are widely advertised as a replacement for CBD based medicine and it has been proven as well as several people have come up at the front to give their testimony about this. If you also want to start vaping CBD vape juice or CBD vape carts, Blaze CBD is one of the best websites that provides 100% authentic CBD products for vaping.

That’s good for most of the people, but if you are someone who wants to get creative and experiment with new stuff, you can make your very own CBD based vape juice. There is no qualification required to do so but you should have an understanding of the basic chemistry.

If you are setting up a CBD laboratory at your home, there are a few things that you should have:

  • Accurate gram scale for weighing the materials.
  • A sterilized and properly cleaned container.
  • A funnel, some basic kitchen tools and something that doesn’t absorb liquid, for stirring.
  • Sterilized bottle to store the finished Vape juice.
  • Vape juice (unflavored is better).
  • Some CBD isolate (500gms for this example).
  • A mild heat source like boiled water.
  • CCELL Vape cartidges if making CBD vape carts

Choosing the Vape liquid base

Choosing the right base is of utmost importance as the performance of your final product is dependent on that. There are 2 types of variations of a vape base, VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (Propylene glycol). These are responsible for providing the smoke output when you inhale through a vape device.

You can experience both one after another and choose accordingly.

Procedure to make the Vape juice

The procedure is very simple and nearly anyone can do it. Follow the steps given below in the order as they are listed:

  1. Add some vape fluid
  2. Add around 30 ml of plain and unflavored vape fluid into a clean container.
  3. Now, place it over a mild heat source for a bit of time until it gets above the room temperature.
  4. Measure the CBD. Take out your gram scale and take 500gms of CBD isolate. CBD isolate can be solid or powdered. If it is solid, make sure you grind it well.
  5. After you have measured the isolate, add it to the warm vape fluid. Take your time and keep stirring until all the CBD isolate is properly and completely dissolved into the vape fluid. Keep the fluid warm to be more efficient.
  6. Add any flavoring. This step is completely optional. If you don’t want a flavor, it’s okay but if you want it, the process will take a bit longer. Add a small amount of flavoring, stir it and let it set. It may take several hours to completely disperse.
  7. Bottle your final product. After you have completed the whole procedure, take a funnel and put it over the opening of the sterilized bottle. Now, slowly pour the final product into the funnel and let it settle in the bottle.

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